Progress on Liseuse

Well, the liseuse (little white shrug) is progressing, anyway. I had to frog about ten rows when I realized I'd read the pattern wrong (argh, argh) but I'm back on track now. I think it will be very, very cute when it's done.

I also changed needles: The pattern specified 5mms. I found this very strange seeing as the gauge is supposed to be 30 stiches / 4 inches, and I'm using Marks&Kattens Karusell (29 sts / 4"). Anyway, I started out using 5mms, but it felt very strange and I had to stretch the yarn quite a bit to avoid giant loops of loose yarn. So I changed to 3.5mms.

Hmm, I think I get it now. Maybe the pattern (in Swedish) at some point has been translated from English? In that case, it might be a US5 size they've specified, which apparently corresponds to 3.75mm needles. Much better.

I would post a picture of the shrug in progress, but I don't really see the point, since it looks almost exactly as when you saw it last, due to the frogging and stuff :(

Final question: a) why do I always have so many WIPs? b) where, oh where is that beautiful navy blue, probably slightly acrylic-y yarn I got from my grandmother?


More yarn!

I ripped an old sweater the other day.... a very cute sweater, but unfortunately too small for me after a little too much time in the dryer. Anyway, last night I washed the yarn, and this morning it was (almost) completely dry! I have absolutely no idea what to do with it, though. Here's what it looks like:



Gah! Argh!
And yes, I know the picture quality sucks, but once again I'm too lazy to use the real camera...

Is this color Gold?

Ok, I never thought I'd say this, but I'm actually considering Knitty's Forecast as my next project. Most likely with the alterations seen here, though. I want longer sleeves. I was thinking of knitting it using cotton yarn -- Garnstudio's Paris in this color, which I think should look like a greenish kind of gold. I hope so, anyway. We'll see. There's a Forecast knitalong somewhere also, but I can't seem to find it now...


Deep V, mon amie

Okay. As promised, here are pictures of my Deep V. Unfortunately I couldn't find an empty memory card for the digital camera, so I had to use my cellphone, which frankly produces really lousy picture quality. Oh well. Here they are, anyway.

This is as far as I've gotten. You can see the front neck steek as the stripey part down the middle above the giant Hole, which actually isn't a hole but Supposed to Be That Way.

Below is a closeup of the pattern. I can't wait to finish this vest so I can start another one! Yes, I'm planning on knitting a second one; this was the most fun I've had knitting in a long time. I'm thinking another pattern for the next one, though, a little less Argyle and more Fair Isle-y -- I'm so very tired of checks. Maybe something in red and cream. Aargh. Need to buy more yarn.


Starsky, 1932 and Progress

Oh, the joy. Yesterday the mailman brought me an old knitting pattern book -- a very old one at that, printed in 1932. I think I'm in love. There's this perfectly lovely little spring jumper I'm planning to knit... after I'm done with, well, everything else. So I'm guessing that'll be right around the time my baby finishes school.

Oh well. As soon as I've managed to get up and get the damn camera, I promise to post a picture or two of the lovely 1930s creations.

Oh, and I've also fallen in love with Knitty's absolutely gorgeous Starsky cardigan.


However, I do have some objections. (Here it comes...)

1) I'm not sure about the front panels. They're only 40 stiches wide, and the banana-whatever pattern is 21 stiches wide, so only one repeat will fit, meaning there's 19 stiches left in stockinette on one side... I'm thinking maybe change the panels into something more Aran. We'll see.

2) Also, I'm not sure I like the plain stockinette sleeves. Frankly, they're way too boring to knit.

But overall, it's a very beautiful cardigan. I want it.

Oh, and while we're on the subject (not) I thought I'd mention Deep V. It's coming along very nicely now, after a rather slow start. My progress as of yesterday morning can be seen at the Vestalong (I'm now about five or six rounds into the actual Argyle pattern. Pictures will follow.