Progress on Liseuse

Well, the liseuse (little white shrug) is progressing, anyway. I had to frog about ten rows when I realized I'd read the pattern wrong (argh, argh) but I'm back on track now. I think it will be very, very cute when it's done.

I also changed needles: The pattern specified 5mms. I found this very strange seeing as the gauge is supposed to be 30 stiches / 4 inches, and I'm using Marks&Kattens Karusell (29 sts / 4"). Anyway, I started out using 5mms, but it felt very strange and I had to stretch the yarn quite a bit to avoid giant loops of loose yarn. So I changed to 3.5mms.

Hmm, I think I get it now. Maybe the pattern (in Swedish) at some point has been translated from English? In that case, it might be a US5 size they've specified, which apparently corresponds to 3.75mm needles. Much better.

I would post a picture of the shrug in progress, but I don't really see the point, since it looks almost exactly as when you saw it last, due to the frogging and stuff :(

Final question: a) why do I always have so many WIPs? b) where, oh where is that beautiful navy blue, probably slightly acrylic-y yarn I got from my grandmother?


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