At last.... love has come along

My lonely days are over

and life is like a song

Yes, it's Glenn Miller. Listen to it, it's a really great song! And what's more, it tells me... I'm done. The Liseuse is finally done. See:

Isn't it really, really cute? I'm so proud of myself, I actually finished something (and those of you who know me, know I rarely do). It even fits.

I don't know if you can see it, but the collar is double, and was supposed to contain a piece of silk ribbon, which was then to be tied together at the front, sort of like a bow tie.

If I had followed the pattern, that is.

Since I'm not a big fan of bow ties (except on men in tuxes), I went with the three white silkyish roses instead. I have to pull the shrug over my head now (so I'm not sure it's even a shrug anymore) instead of just putting it on and tying the ribbon, but the bow idea seemed so... I don't know, Easter bunny-ish. You know what I mean? Anyway, I think it turned out great modified.

Ah, I'm so in love with this baby :)

It's all a question of red.

Can you guess what that is?

Oh yes, that's me knitting. Duh. Sometime in the future, that reddish stuff will hopefully have blossomed into a beautiful red vest. We'll see about that. The yarn I'm using is a beautiful deep red 100% wool from Helylle, which, by the way, I love. In fact, I think I love the store, too.

Here's some yarn / vest porn:

[drool here]

See? It's gonna look mighty pretty when done. I'm almost done with the right front part, and I promise to post a picture of it all steamed and ready. Verrry soon.


Too many different subjects to fit in title space

I'm still not quite sure what yarn to pick for Forecast. Argh! I'm inclined towards a non-superwash wool in a kind of pearly gray... but then, raspberry is a very pretty color too.

I've also been persuaded by my knitting buddy, Linn the Linster, to join SP8. $60 though, is that a lot of money or just me that's broke ;) I haven't joined yet, but I will! Must have some lunch first though.

Oh, and here's progress on my, in my opinion, très cute tiny white shrug, the Liseuse (and look! no baby anywhere to be seen in the pictures! Not even a tiny little foot!):

Below is a closeup of the pattern. It consists of... well, triangles, made up of... half-cables? Anyway, you twist 4+4 stiches every nine rows. I think it looks quite cool. I wonder how much it will stretch, though, particularly sideways. The superwash yarn is very stretchy in itself, so... we'll see. Only about five inches left to knit now!

Yesterday, I was really tired, but I managed to get on my bike and ride aaallll the way to Linn's apartment, where we and two of her other friends knitted away all evening. It was very nice, especially since it got me out of the house (finally). I have to agree with Linn--Sofie's progress on her vest is very impressive!

Must join the SP8 now. I have finished considering, and yes, I am in.

[scary music in background]