A mysterious tube

Guess what the mailman brought me today?

We have a very, very nice mailman, he actually brings us any larger items, instead of just leaving them at the local post office for us to come and pick up.

Anyway, this is what he had in his hand when he rang my doorbell this morning:Taking a closer look, the tube turns out to be from someone very, very secret:

Yup, it's my first Secret Package from my Secret Pal! (Oh, and Pal? I'm sending you virtual hugs right now.)

There was a lot of tape around that mysterious tube, so I unraveled, and unraveled... and finally managed to extract the letter attached to the outside of the tube. I read the letter as I opened the tube, and found...

a lovely scarf! (One that, as it turns out, perfectly matches the brand new, navy blue jacket that I got yesterday!) It's just so very pretty, I'm sure I'll be wearing it a lot. The edging is apparently crocheted by hand. I'm impressed. That must have required a Very Small Needle.

But alas, there was more... (Well, I knew there was more, since I cheated and read the green Customs Declaration sticker before opening.)

I don't know why the right-hand picture is so blurry (I re-took it three times), but anyway, these are two magazine covers from 1942 and 1943! They're so cool! I think I'll have to frame them and hang them in our new apartment. I love how there's one girl all ready to go to war, very masculine and patriotic, doing the men's work, and another struggling with her knitting--which is really the exact opposite. I like to think of it as two sides of the same girl.

So in case you were wondering, Secret Pal, this was a wonderful package. I love it. Thank you so much!


At 2:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said this:

Hi Fi!
So glad that it arrived safely (that postman deserves chocolate chip cookies!) and that you like it all. Enjoy!

Secret Pal, J


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