It's done.

[scary music]

I've decided to cast Blogger aside and become my own host.

So, if anyone is actually reading this blog, they can continue doing so at

See you there!

/Fi (a.k.a. the Knitting Cookie)


No camera...

otherwise I would have posted a picture of the lovely Snowdrop Shawl I'm making. I think I've seen it somewhere among our not quite unpacked stuff... I really hate unpacking. Packing is much, much more fun, filled with a sense of anticipation (at least for me), but unpacking is just pointless. Urgh.

Oh, and I may be moving my blog soon; will let you know if/when that happens.


A very quick post

... just to let you know that we've finally moved to our new apartment :)
Hopefully I'll manage to extract my knitting from a box somewhere, sometime in the near future. Until then, happy knitting everyone!